A Quieter Storm

London-based art, music and architecture writer Bobby Jewell plays a selection of ambient, jazz and classical music over two hours.

A Sonorous Expedition

Broadcasting live from Tropic Base 8 ° N, Guna Yala, Panama, Ana Carolina Rodrigues and La Wayaka Current investigate local soundscapes and traditional vocal expressions in indigenous communities in a bid to shed light on ecological and sustainable ways of living.

ADSR Radio

Weekly live-streamed electronic music broadcasts by Vancouver-based experimental net-label ADSR collective, presented by Sean Mallion.


ATTN:Magazine is a UK website and radio series founded by writer and broadcaster Jack Chuter and dedicated to experimental music and sound art.

Athens Inner City Broadcast

Weekly exploration of the inner city sounds of Athens and surrounding areas through lucid soundscapes and site-specific transmissions.

Beholder Halfway

Monthly investigations of music politics with Paul Rekret.

Boston Becomes Eclectic

Boston Becomes Eclectic is a broadcast series by Ilya of the acclaimed blog I Heart Noise, which brings you the latest in underground music with particular reference to Boston, Massachusetts.

Budapest Soundwalks

Budapest Soundwalks: field recordings and sound art from the community of the Central European University. The work was produced as part of an MA course in Sound Studies, led by Ian M. Cook, or as part of a workshop co-taught by Lucia Udvardyova and Judit Emese Konopas.

Central American PhoNographic Mornings

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of fifteen short soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout Central America. Entitled « Central American PhoNographic Mornings » this series for Resonance Extra forms part of a wider project, « Each Morning of the World », which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

Come On, Come Down!

Come On, Come Down! explores adventurous night music for the sleepless. The series covers a broad spectrum of genres, from ambient and noise through to jazz, post-rock and contemporary classical. Each episode is thematically linked and aims to highlight a specific mood, artist or movement. Listen out for the occasional live session.


Tracks from across the spectrum of electronic and computer music, with Calum Gunn of Conditional.


Discrepancies is a global showcase of disparate music with focus on earthly field recordings and the international avant-garde curated by Gonçalo F Cardoso.


Nicola Serra, founder of East London's experimental music festival Dronica, presents archive material from previous incarnations.


Moods and preoccupations in a nonlinear narrative in and out of the club with COSI and The Source of Some Certainty - created by Corinna Triantafyllidis and Henry Rodrick.

Fading Somewhere Else

Fading Somewhere Else is a work by Morkebla & Dalhous. The short three-part series hopes to explore and streamline some of the music that has influenced their philosophy in the sound-exploration of unconscious states of self.

Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit

Sound collage, record spinning, havering, ear wonk and general head scratch with Dylan Nyoukis of the Chocolate Monk label.

Gravity Waves and The Spirit World

Commissioned new work from contemporary sound practitioners and other audio choices from experimental electronic collective The Spirit of Gravity.


Hyperdelia label showcase.

ID Spectral

ID Spectral is a multi-disciplinary record label and arts collective, showcasing the spectrum of innovative creative identities worldwide.


Resonance celebrates International Women's Day 2018 with 24 hours of broadcasts curated by Lia Mazzari.


Injazero Records founder Siné Buyuka plays a selection of electronic, experimental, ambient and contemporary classical tracks.

Jamaica Authentic

Sister of Reggae Naoko The Rock selects authentic 60s and 70s reggae records plus contemporary Japanese and global releases inspired by Jamaica's authentic analogue reggae sounds.


Experiments in exploring humanity with Keno Westhoff of http://klanglabor.ayayay.eu.

Le Monde Discotheque

Le Monde Discothèque digs deep into dance music that unites across global cultures, nations and time periods. Presented by Liz Cotton and Nick Langley.

Listening Experience

A monthly collection of audio experiments and listening objects with sound artist Matt Burnett from Berlin.

Lo-fi Goddesses

Brooklyn-based Olivia Bradley-Skill presents Lo-fi Goddesses, live sound collage and original radio artworks inspired by female-fronted post-punk bands and experimental dance music.

Meditating I/Os

Meditating I/Os is a live presentation of documentary material dramatised as a piece of experimental theatre/reading. Meursault - the protagonist of The Outsider (1942) - is lost in time and space. He de- and re-constructs his story, moving through a transcendent landscape of noise in order to piece together a narrative for himself and others, and make sense of the strange world that surrounds him on stage.

Staged using an eclectic combination of media with an emphasis on experiencing a story through sound, the play explores human-object relationships and the entanglement of things in a post-digital reality. Our revised protagonist is an avatar of his existence.

Mitamine Lab

Mitamine Lab is a culture laboratory based in Mexico City which blends sound archives with contemporary music and literature.

Naviar Broadcast

Thirty minutes of experimental music made in response to a weekly haiku poem, curated Marco Alessi of Naviar Records and its international community of composers.

Old Dreams for A New Age

Electronic musician Theo Sayers transports listeners with a mix of electronic, ambient, spiritual and new age music.

Plazma Records

Plazma Records is a record label and weekly broadcast series dedicated to artists working with techno and minimalism, curated by Gedd Zilius.


An inner city dance grotto for self-expression.


Reveil 2018 is a crowd-sourced 24 hour transmission of real-time environmental sounds that follows sunrise around the earth from 5am London time (UTC+1) on Saturday May 5th until Sunday morning on May 6th.

Livestreams are curated on the Locus Sonus soundmap. The primary stream is hosted by Wave Farm in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York. The broadcast can be heard in full on Resonance Extra in the UK and in segments on Resonance FM in London.

Radio Ravioli

In a stew of intimate electronics, bad poetry, and tender murk, we swap tongues and reach for more. Olivia Bradley-Skill likes digging up old sensations to find new meaning. Her radio work is a live collage, which warps, overlaps, and extends sound and language, so as to intensify the medium's interactive and elusive qualities. She uses radio to represent the mind, how we listen, and how we forget what we remember. This show is edited from its original broadcast on WFMU.

Resistance Through Ritual

Ambient, folk, ritual, electronic, dub, free jazz and exploratory works selected by Brooding Side Of Madness.


Personally-felt sensory collages and sonic obscurities with Milo Thesiger-Meacham.

Sloth Operator

Weekly electronic music show dedicated to house and techno, broadcast from the University of Brighton.

Slow Radio

Slow Radio by bauhaus.fm is a radio format where almost nothing happens and still people listen. To test this we have chosen the shortest night of the year, from 20th to 21st June. The following ingredients could possibly surface: a camp fire, tomorrow's football results, the underwater world of the river Ilm, memorising of a poem, reading of a book, a quarry with a nearby brewery & boiling water.

Sonic Realities

Eclectic fortnightly musical face-off between German electronic musician and producer Ulrich Schnauss and Nathaniel Cramp (Sonic Cathedral).


Virgilio Oliveira explores the sonic environment in collaboration with Porto's Radio Manabras, presenting an hour of sound art and field recordings.

South American PhoNographic Mornings

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of fifteen short soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout South America. Entitled « South American PhoNographic Mornings » this series for Resonance Extra forms part of a wider project, « Each Morning of the World », which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

Stray Landings

Online music publication Stray Landings invites guests from across the electronic music spectrum to discuss themes and innovations.

Tender Obscurities

Monthly conceptual broadcast by Leipzig-based DJ and producer Rabia.

The Infinite Inward

Cosmic, transcendent sounds and exploratory electronics with f.ampism.

The Long Half Day

This special broadcast features full-length audio from The Long Half Day, a 12-hour improvised concert at the IKLECTIK arts lab which took place on Saturday 12 March 2016, featuring Tim Yates, Adam Bushell, Benedict Taylor, Kev Nickells, Chris Parfitt, Diana Policarpo, James O'Sullivan and Dan Powell.

Timeless Passion

Australia-based sound artist Justin Cantrell, aka ju ca, presents ambient, experimental and ASMR-influenced computer music with a regional focus on Australia's sound art scene.

Tse Tse Fly Further East

New series from Tse Tse Fly Middle East focusing on South East Asian sound art, noise and experimental music.

Tse Tse Fly Middle East

Tse Tse Fly Middle East is a monthly two-hour radio programme showcasing sound art and experimental music from the Middle East, India and North Africa.

Twelve Hours in the Life of a Fox

Antoine Bertin is an artist who listens his way around the boundaries between documentary and fiction, the poetic and the political, the living and the artificial. His work consists of audio narratives combining elements of broadcast, walk, sculpture and publication. Weaving technology together with storytelling, he is curious about our relationship with the environment, the 'unreachable' and the idea of progress. Born in 1985, trained as a sound engineer at ENS Louis Lumière and graduating with an MA in Sound Art from London College of Communication, Antoine currently works in London, Paris and Brussels.

Tyneside Sounds Society

The Tyneside Sounds Society is a monthly broadcast dedicated to the recording and reinterpretation of the sonic environment and sound heritage of Tyneside in the North East of England.

Underbelly Jazz

An exploration of jazz infused music blurring the lines of genres and styles, with a focus on Brighton.

Unexplained Sounds

A selection of experimental music and sound work from the international underground network Unexplained Sounds, curated by Raffaele Pezzella (Sonologyst).

Urban Arts Berlin

Urban Arts Berlin is a non-profit arts organisation which supports international sound artists. In this series Verónica Mota presents selections of works from the Urban Arts Berlin label.

Vibration Totale

Malte Kobel selects vibrational music with guests from the realms of sound, theory and art.


Voixxe is a monthly audio magazine show from IKLECTIK, Lambeth's foremost experimental music and arts laboratory, with archival audio, interviews and analysis.

Where The Dead Voices Gather

Where the Dead Voices Gather is an indeterminate process driven radio experiment that uses the book 'Where The Dead Voices Gather' by Nick Tosches as its starting point.

Songs are chosen from a series of libraries based on the structure of a haiku. Each show has 17 songs / sounds therefore each show represents a sonic haiku.

Where the Dead voices gather is exploring the sonic potentials of written text and the indeterminate.


All kinds of experimental and post-industrial underground music from the vaults of Russian label and distributor ZHELEZOBETON, selected by DJ Kryptogen from his St. Petersburg studio.


Twice-monthly broadcast showcasing electronic music produced by members of the female:pressure international network of female, transgender and non-binary artists practising in the fields of electronic music and digital arts.

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