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Midnight GMT

Monogram #17

Taking its name from Robert Rauschenberg's combine, Monogram - presented by Ed Baxter - is a bulletin board of new and archival audio, offered in a digressive and leisurely exploration of radio space.

2am GMT Weekly

ADSR Radio #10 - Music From Friends

Weekly live-streamed electronic music broadcasts by Vancouver-based experimental net-label ADSR collective, presented by Sean Mallion.

4am GMT Monthly

A Quieter Storm #12

London-based art, music and architecture writer Bobby Jewell plays a selection of ambient, jazz and classical music over two hours.

6am GMT Monthly

Dronica #3 - Works from the Second Edition

Nicola Serra, founder of East London's experimental music festival Dronica, presents archive material from previous incarnations.

8am GMT

Shimmering Moods Records #8

Shimmering Moods Records explores the many sides of experimental ambient music, into the far reaches of the imagination.

10am GMT Monthly on the fourth Tuesday at 7pm

Beholder Halfway #9 - Politics of Rave

Monthly investigations of music politics with Paul Rekret.

11am GMT Monthly, first Tuesday, 8pm

Discrepancies #19

Discrepancies is a global showcase of disparate music with focus on earthly field recordings and the international avant-garde curated by Gonçalo F Cardoso.

1pm GMT

Listening Experience #5

A monthly collection of audio experiments and listening objects with sound artist Matt Burnett.

2pm GMT

Radio Cascabel #10XX - Ruido Argentino

A second compilation involving nine Argentinian artists exploring diverse experimental styles including minimalism, sound collages of glitch and field recordings, and mysterious alterations of a dark ambient nature.

A selection of the most vibrant and exciting new sounds of Latin American emerging talents.

3pm GMT Weekly, Thursday 6pm

Sloth Operator #6

Weekly electronic music show dedicated to house and techno, broadcast from the University of Brighton.

5pm GMT

Dig That Treasure

William Hall brings his Dig That Treasure blog to the radio, aiming to give light to lost classic recordings and obscurities.

5:30pm GMT Weekly, Wednesday, 5.30pm


Personally-felt sensory collages and sonic obscurities with Milo Thesiger-Meacham.

6pm GMT

Urban Arts Berlin #11

Urban Arts Berlin is a non-profit arts organisation which supports international sound artists. In this series Verónica Mota presents selections of works from the Urban Arts Berlin label.

6:30pm GMT

Everyone Else #7 - Pandora / 100

This month we hear two stories, the first ‘Pandora’ is of a man in New York in the 60s, who sees an old photograph of the original 1920s flapper, Louise Brooks, and is so taken with her that he decides to track her down. The second hears the recollections of an 100 year old woman, marching against Oswald Mosley and protesting poor social housing in the 1930s.

Everyone Else is a photographic podcast. The project looks to humanise strangers and make us more open to and curious about the people we do not know, using audio and photography to tell their stories. The podcast tells the experiences, thoughts, decisions, journeys and lessons learnt of strangers. Each of these stories is accompanied by a portrait shot by a film photographer. Together they provide a glimpse of something permanent in passing strangers who otherwise would remain unseen, unheard and indistinct.

Website: Twitter and Instagram: @everyonestudioMay’s blurb:

7pm GMT Weekly on Wednesday at 7pm New!

Naviar Broadcast #3

This week’s podcast includes music made by Naviar’s community inspired by the haiku poem: “How heavy / on my eyes, / the winter sun”.

Thirty minutes of experimental music made in response to a weekly haiku poem, curated Marco Alessi of Naviar Records and its international community of composers.

7:30pm GMT Monthly New!

x.y FM #8

In this episode, part 2 of two recent interviews with Mocrep and Ole Hübner, and a recording of Exvot III by Sara Cubarsi.

Ensemble x.y is a contemporary ensemble that commissions and performs new music in a flexible and ever-changing lineup. Run without traditional roles or hierarchies, Ensemble x.y develops its thematically-charged programmes according to the taste and interest of its core players, as well as the developing working relationships between resident composers and instrumentalists.

8pm GMT Monthly

A Quieter Storm #14

London-based art, music and architecture writer Bobby Jewell plays a selection of ambient, jazz and classical music over two hours.

10pm GMT

Conditional #23 - Georgie McVicar Guest Mix

This month: a guest mix from Georgie McVicar, comprised of material from their forthcoming release on Conditional, and the usual grab bag of computer and electronic music and sound from past to future.

Tracks from across the spectrum of electronic and computer music, with Calum Gunn of Conditional.

Midnight GMT Monthly, fourth Thursday at 00.00am New!


This month: browsing through CDs and tapes arrived to ZHELEZOBETON warehouse in February. New tracks from the experimental, ambient & post-industrial scene in Russia and worldwide, plus a couple of long forgotten pieces from the 90s.

“Time clips me like a coin and there’s no longer enough of me for myself…”

All kinds of experimental and post-industrial underground music from the vaults of Russian label and distributor ZHELEZOBETON, selected by DJ Kryptogen from his St. Petersburg studio.

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