Gravity Waves and The Spirit World

Thursday 23rd February 2017 20:00 - 22:00 GMT

Commissioned new work from contemporary sound practitioners and other audio choices from experimental electronic collective The Spirit of Gravity.

The first hour will be dedicated to the various sonic work made by the enigma that is Mr Chriddof. For years he has been making surreal and fantastic youtube videos that blend infantile toilet humour, deep knowledge of historical avant-garde film, DIY software processing accidents and extensive use of 80's and 90's British television broadcast archives. Here we present mix of video soundtracks and purely musical Chriddof endeavours. It all adds up to a truly strange and captivating body of work. Mr Chriddof we salute you!


The second hour is our usual line up of the very best experimental music and sonic exploration from the exotic, parallel universe, that is the Spirit of Gravity.


Kris T Reeder – Shattered Truths
Benjamin Fingeer - Whirlbrainpoolin
Spheress – Mixed at Midnight
Oryk and Mystero - Electricity (Part 2 Drain)
Wagstaff – Track 1 from Funkencomputer
Paul Kendall – It’s OK
Proprio - Columbo
The Music of Benares meet The Spirit of Gravity - Wasp Tabla Sitar take 6
Stereocilia – Still Breeze
The Gross Consumer - Haircut

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