Gravity Waves and The Spirit World - Across The Universe

with the Spirit of Gravity
Saturday 27th February 2016 20:00 - 22:00 GMT

Commissioned new work from contemporary sound practitioners and other audio choices from experimental electronic collective The Spirit of Gravity. Track-listing for today's show is below

Gravity Waves
Charlie Hooker - Audio accompaniment
Scrambled Eggs and A Trio - beach party at Mirna el Chalouhi
Caleb Madden - Hot Phase Drip (installation)
Katsoura Yamouchi - Chikushi

The Spirit World
Terror Wogan - Mouse Glue '92
dm&p - glass of water
Devilman - 21 seiki dub
Devilman - 93
Spacedog - submariner
Terror Wogan - Restraint
Paul Kendall - Uninterrupted Monday
Chris Cook - Nearly 38
Luo Chao Yun + Erdem Helvacioglu - Serene gentle plash
The Sprawl - From wetware to software.
The Static Memories - Tea ceremony
Warren Schoenbright - Fucking torrential / delrium

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