Quintavant / QTV Series

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Weekly investigations of the Brazilian experimental music scene via Rio De Janeiro's Quintavant label in collaboration with Audio Rebel. With live performances and exploratory sounds produced in the context of Brazil's strange political situation, curated by Francisco Mazza, Bernando Oliveira and Pedro Azevedo.

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Quintavant / QTV Series #12

Friday 1st December 2017 00:00 - 02:00 GMT

This episode features three new LPs of Brazilian experimental music. Negro Leo's Coisado is a soundtrack of an exhibition about German poet Hubert Fichte, who lived in Brazil during the 80’s. The third volume of Oco series with guitar player Marcos Campello and experimentalist J.-P. Caron. And Tapetes, a collaboration between Ricardo De Carli and Diego Dias released by Mansarda Records. More information at quintavant.bandcamp.com

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