Thursday 26th April 2018 00:00 - 01:00 BST

All kinds of experimental and post-industrial underground music from the vaults of Russian label and distributor ZHELEZOBETON, selected by DJ Kryptogen from his St. Petersburg studio.

Now we’re in the territory of contrasts, instantly changing. From mild drones and crooked songs to brutal energy and boiling blood plasma.


Sal Solaris – Through the Pole? (NEN Records, 2018)
Zelje – Golden Dust (Pearly Snowdrift, 2018)
She Spread Sorrow – Night One (Cold Spring, 2018)
Six Dead Bulgarians – Love and Iron (COD Noizes, 1995/2017)
DDAA – Hazy World (Nefryt, 2014)
Melltith – HPPD (Kill Ego, 2018)
Tube Tentacles – Resurrection (Mattoid Records, 2015)
Jacques Lejeune – Entre les Deus (Motus, 1983/2003)
MNL9 – Morning Mystery (Cvlminis, 2016)
Reutoff feat. Deutsch Nepal – Flame (Entartete Musikk, 2018)
Adriva – Spenta I (Mantra Spenta, 2017)
Eradication Call – V (Phosgen Records, 2018)

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