Fae Ma Bit Tae Ur Bit #22 - The Hangover

with Dylan Nyoukis
Friday 12th January 2018 20:00 - 22:00 GMT

Sound collage, record spinning, havering, ear wonk and general head scratch with Dylan Nyoukis of the Chocolate Monk label.

The Hangover is here.
Who Dreamed up this unbuttoning of my brain?
Was it a previous me,
through grape and grain?

The taste was pleasant to take
But then the light failed
And I half awoke to feel the tantalising pain
With no remedy to hand

Merriment be damned

::open ears for new year.. auld sound clearout::

Whit's in tha pie, Missus?

Aw guid 'hings for 2018, Lang may yr lum reek etc etc


Intro, Tinfoil voice recordings (thanks Nimmo), New Year New You?, LONG electronic cobweb destroyer piece (recorded on the floor at ma bit), Periscoper Multiple Chips is Calling All Spirits aka Indigo China!, Blood Stereo demonstrate The Hand Which Will Not Cup, 'The Hangover' and the Cantillon Bottle line, Synth Dabs vs Mike Shreeve vs that fucking door, Rose Pacult put a hex on Bannon with Mama Huxley & Occult Mimes Mommy NYC, tone and mechanism from BS, Nyoukis/Harrison from their Banned Tape, Catalan Radio have the good tastebuds, Classmates 'Little Girl Next Door', 1 for Bisciglia, little interlude, kelvingrove vs charlie draheim, the Viceroys 'Dreamy Eyes', Return of the Javanese Rod Puppet (so long ago), a junk operatic, BS show you some Scenes from the Six Soddened selection, finally my Dylan Thomas hand hold with Mr Bench.

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