Conditional w/ Kindohm

with Calum Gunn
Wednesday 16th November 2016 22:00 - 00:00 GMT

Tracks from across the spectrum of electronic and computer music, with Calum Gunn of Conditional.

This month, a special guest mix from Kindohm, whose album "RISC Chip" is released on Conditional in December. Forward-thinking electronic and computer music is, as always, the order of the day, with tracks from Renick Bell, Swan Meat, PHOENE, Eric Frye, rkss and many more.

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Swan Meat - Tame
Daniel M Karlsson - Proper No Proper
CXLO - London The Electric Backwards
Kinlaw & Skyler - Sleep Spell (Dane Law Acid Refix)
Phil Julian - EC
Broshuda - Ask Me If I Care
Dagshenma - yqep
Cameron Shaddii - -[-verdical]
— Kindohm guest mix begins —
Hatori Yumi - Rte (Ynaktera remix)
Scalameriya - Ouroboros
aRSCHkRANKEmUSIK - Eat Your Ice Cream
Renick Bell - Surface Waters Flow Together
Pooch Karton - The Fajidge
Kindohm - Post-Social Infornormality (Dane Law Not a Dub Mix)
Eight Frozen Modules - Adversely Affected
Rian Tranor - Pattern Damage B1
Eprom - Regis Chillbin
Aesthete - Too Keen
Calum Gunn - Slurp
Dagshenma - B-K-KK
ii-go - Knot
Toiret Status - #31 feat. DJWWW
Eight Frozen Modules - Spiders In My Mind
Bzgrl - Three Blind Mice
— Kindohm guest mix ends —
rkss - Brostep In The Style Of Florian Hecker (excerpt)
Ana Jikia - All Gentle Minded and Elevated Souls
PHOENE - Fireworks
Eric Frye - C-PS Calibrate
Mats Erlandsson - Ivory Towers
Jung An Tagen - Die Hand Lasst Niemals Los
Tujiko Noriko - Empty

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